Monday, February 1, 2010

Cast of Characters

Here's a peak at the loons behind the scene of this little vanity exercise

Well here's me, being stymied by my webcam. I was attempting to take a picture of how cleaned up I looked, right before a completely adult (read: totally drunken) night out on the "town". Out on the town being a relative term here in Eugene. For if you are not into being groped while listening to crappy techno, the choices, they are limited.

This is mahhh husband; C. He's handsome, handy, and I'm quite fond of him most of the time. You could not however, imagine two more different people being married to each other.

And finally, our furry child Eli. He's a rescue mutt descended from Newfoundland and retriever (we think), he's enormous, barks menacingly at squirrels, anyone in uniform, but is terrified of cats. Go figure. He's a sweet boy, and the truthful reason I wanted a dog was to have something home with me during the week so I had someone to talk to. Even if he isn't a human in this life.

I have my next post cooking on the stove right now, but am already feeling like I suck at keeping this thing up. Therefore, this is more an obligation post and an excuse to show you my cute hubby and puppy (in that order).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let us go then, you and I*

I swore that I would never become one of those people, those who write blogs. So narcissistic and self serving. But I found as I was watching a guilty pleasure movie a few nights ago(Julie & Julia) I found that the idea had worked its way under my skin. In a good way. I've also come to love certain blogs out there; the women funnier, smarter and more articulate than I. Even when I have little to nothing in common with them, its the feeling of a kindred spirit, these sharp witted foul mouthed people who live in the internets. And really who the hell am I to judge them anyway? Lots of these people make a living writing about their lives, and they never have to leave their house, or put on pants. That's fucking genius I say.

So here we go, while I'm not quite sure what this will end up being or if how long I can/choose to keep it going. But the facts are these, I have things I want to do, technically have the time to do them, and really enjoy nothing more than putting myself out there to be laughed at, or learned from.

Chances are this is going to become a lot about the hobbies (home brewing, photography, gardening) I would love to have, but haven't started. Home improvement projects I need to start but haven't because I don't want to fuck it up. Learning how to properly cook, not just going through the motions resentfully every night. So bear with me and laugh along at the daily struggles of a nerd, foul-mouthed, grammar hindered, wannabe domestic goddess superwoman. It's going to be fun I swear.

*"The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot. Perhaps I should work on my originality as well.